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Reject the request from a secessionist group to raise the flag of Khalistan: Baljit Singh Daduwal

Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (HSGMC) chief Baljit Singh Daduwal has become the first prominent hardliner Sikh preacher to ask Sikh youths, especially baptised ones, to stay away from dollar dreams shown by a secessionist organisation in the name of Khalistan.

In a video message, Daduwal said many Sikh families were suffering because their young sons were getting lured by payment of a few hundred to thousand dollars and promise of a job made by a US-based secessionist organisation in exchange for hosting Khalistan flags or painting its slogans.

“It is tragic that Sikh, mainly Amritdhari youths, have got swayed by these promises and end up in jail. They are not even getting bail. Many youths have been in jail for over two years. Many recently approached me for relief. The organisation that got this unlawful work done didn’t even pay them,” Daduwal said.

Daduwal’s appeal hold significance as he was earlier associated with hardline leaders including Jagtar Hawara. Daduwal was made parallel Jathedar of Takht Damdama Sahib while Beant Singh assassination convict Jagtar Singh Hawara was made parallel Jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib by Sarbat Khalsa in 2015.

Recently, the banned organisation appealed to Haryana youths also to hoist flag and paint slogans. An audio recording of the phone calls made by the organisation to two persons of Shambu, Rajpura, revealed that the organisation was luring Haryana youths.

Daduwal said while youths from other communities or even non-baptised Sikhs were making good careers abroad, some baptised Sikhs were getting stuck in such cases.

“If the foreign organisations are so concerned about unemployment, they should come here and open factories or invest in projects to help Punjab youths,” he said.

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