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Prof Shakeel Romshoo: even if there is enough water, good water governance is important

Srinagar: Prof Shakeel Romshoo, Vice-Chancellor of Islamic University of Science and Technology asid Kashmir will have enough water till 2060 but still we have to work over our water governance.

“There are more than 15,000 glaciers across J&K and Ladakh and where we live, this place is also known as part of the water tower of Asia. The per capita water availability in both the UTs is highest in south Asia and we will not have any water problems till 2060.

“Beyond that, it will also be manageable but we need to work to make water governance more efficient,” Romshoo said.

He said the glacier waters from this region provide for 85 per cent of the irrigated waters of Pakistan.

“There is sufficient water in J&K and Ladakh but we often hear that people don’t get round-the-clock water supply in many parts, especially in towns and cities,” said Romshoo.

Commenting on environmental degradation, Romshoo said: “We have clear evidence and impacts of the environment being degraded. This is impacting the livelihoods of people. Be it water bodies, air quality or flooding, all these are interlinked and interconnected and have a direct impact on people’s livelihood. 

“We have treated the ecosystem with callousness but now need to manage it scientifically to restore water bodies and improve air quality.” 

Among others who spoke at the event includes Mian Javed, Environmentalist, Chief Executive Director, Wular Conservation & Management Authority and Mushtaq Pahalgami who is an activist

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