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Now Bhangra in the snow goes viral after singing in the rain

The universe is full of possibilities and it is one of them to perform the ‘Bhangra’ dance at -20 degrees. Dance teacher Gurdeep Pandher’s Bhangra class has gone viral on Twitter in the picturesque snow-covered Yukon in Canada.
Sharing the video of his dance class, he wrote, “Outdoor winter Bhangra class in the Yukon. When it was -20ºC (feeling like -30ºC with windchill) & the pandemic on top of that, these friends from the Yukon’s French community joined me for a ‘physically-distanced and pandemic-safe’ bhangra class for joy, exercise and positivity”.
In the video, Pandher can be seen with his students from the French community in Yukun, dressed in layers of winter clothing, including hats and mittens (here’s, looking at your Bernie!).

Pandher, who seems to have a penchant for dancing in the snow, had shared few videos of him doing Bhangra outside in the cold of February.

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