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Hundreds of local Sikh community organise rally after India deregulates crop sales

Hundreds of the local Sikh community in western Washington stand in support of protesters behind massive protests in India, where they say that unfair agricultural legislation is unfolding.
People gathered to hold a rally in Kent after India recently deregulated the sale of crops. It was one of the many gatherings that took place worldwide on Saturday.
Critics said that large agricultural corporations will have a huge windfall, while millions of small farmers will be hardest hit, leaving India with massive economic and environmental destruction.
“This is about defending democracy. It’s about defending human rights and it’s about taking care of families.
Protesters also drove on I-5 to Seattle’s Westlake Park for another demonstration.
Organizers said the Indian government has imposed a media blackout to keep massive protests under wraps, and that
Demonstrators in India have been routinely tear-gassed and hit with water cannons in recent weeks.

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