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Sikh history portrayed on canvas

As part of the centennial celebration of the foundation of the SGPC, a painting exhibition has begun in the Golden Temple complex.
There are as many as 31 paintings on view. Painters from all over Punjab took part in the workshop organised by the SGPC and presented Sikh history on canvas.
Rajinder Singh Rubi, the additional manager of the Golden Temple, said The exhibition began this afternoon at the Gurdwara Manji Sahib Diwan Hall. The paintings portray significant incidents such as the Khalsa Panth taking over the administration of the Akal Takht from the Mahants, the Nankana Sahib Massacre, Jaito Morcha and Kirpan Morcha.”
Portraits of prominent figures, including Jathedars Teja Singh Samundari and Teja Singh Buchar, as well as SGPC presidents, have also been seen.
A brief summary of the events was written in Punjabi and English. “The show will begin during the ceremonies scheduled to take place as part of the festivities,” he said.

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