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With fortune ripped to bits, barber shops adopt New Normal ways

After the post-lockdown time, things are gradually going back to normal. Although people are still struggling to make up their losses and seek new ways, the street barbershops are trying to preserve as much hygiene as they can to ensure that their customers don’t feel afraid although visiting them.
They are one of the worst sufferers of the Covid lockdown, and they still find it hard to bring their parts together as people remain reluctant to visit the city’s barbershops.
However, in order to win back the trust of their clients, the barbers took all the requisite precautions so that they would not become the breeders of the deadly virus. Some have come up with different ideas and have made preparations accordingly.
“We are giving appointments to the customers so that they could come and have a haircut at the given slot of their time. This helps in reducing the rush in the shop and maintaining necessary physical distance,” said Rocky, who runs a shop named Future Cut in the Inderpuri area in Islamabad here.
Usually, he would have around 10 or more customers at a given time before the pandemic hit. “Now, we allow only two or three persons at a time. And if anybody wants to wait, they would have to wait only outside the shop,” he added.
It is also mandatory to wear the mask before stepping in. “I urge my customers to cover mouth and nose with masks before entering the shop. Though several times customers did not realize the gravity of the situation, I insisted not for the safety of theirs but also of others,” he pointed out. He also sanitizes tools after every use.
Every other day and people have become aware of the risks involved in ignoring the government guidelines, so coping with new situations resulting from an unprecedented health crisis is something that can not be ignored.

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