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“Lockdown, hard time to survive, yet didn’t quit”

For 20-year-old Rahul, the revelation was made during the lockdown era. As a result, his dream of opening a grocery store was locked away. He had been trying to set up his own company because he had extensive knowledge of cooking. But the restrictive times have taken this option out of his life. He served with a nearby library-cum-book café, overseeing their kitchen. “I’ve been in that job for almost a year before the lockdown, and I was hoping to launch my own tuck-to eat together when it was announced. I had to sit down without a career, with no paycheck for the entire period of time. It was very hard to help my dad, “he says.
But the dreamer is always a dreamer. And he’s just not going to give in so easily. Eventually, he decided to change tracks and began selling vegetables by renting a small spot in the posh area of Civil Lines. “I had a friend who already served as a vegetable vendor,” he says.
The person told him that he could get a spot, without much trouble, in that locality, because there weren’t many vendors available in that area after the lockdown. “Now, I run my own vegetable vending business along with my brother, who sometimes helps,” he says. Rahul also takes rounds of nearby locations like White Avenue to earn extra money.
The youngest of three brothers, his brother is working as a delivery boy with a leading pizza chain, and another one is out of work. With such meagre earnings, it’s hard to sustain a family for sure, but it never choked his longing for a little bit of food. “In my last job, I used to earn a salary of Rs7500 a month. Right now, I get somewhere between Rs5000-6000 a month by selling vegetables. My goal now is to keep working as a vendor and to open my own shop within a few months. I don’t want to go back to work with anyone else. At least there is a possibility of growing my own small business, “he says.

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