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 U.S. Sikhs Protected Under Trump: Civic Leader

Confirming that the Sikhs in the US have never been as secure as the Trump administration, a prominent Sikh-American leader reported that the Biden campaign is trying to ‘demoralize and demotivate’ the group. Jasdip Singh, the Sikhs’ co-chair for Trump, said Monday that it was because of President Donald Trump that so many Sikh youths were serving in the U.S. Army today with their turbans and beard intact.
This is because of the steps he has taken with respect to religious rights and democracy. Prominent Sikh American Attorney Harmeet Dhillon is the co-chair of Trump’s Lawyers, he said. ‘Sikhs in the United States have never been as secure as President Donald Trump. We’re a martial culture, no one can scare us. The Biden campaign is trying to demoralize and demotivate us, “Singh said.
His remarks came a day after the Biden movement unveiled the ‘Sikh Americans for Biden,’ an effort to reach out to the Sikh community in the United States. The Biden Campaign vowed to resolve the particular challenges faced by the Sikh community in the US, including xenophobia. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris will challenge Republican President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the November 3 presidential election.
Singh argued that the Biden-Harris administration would be anti-Sikh. ‘Kamala Harris as California Attorney General fought against the work of Sikh Trilochan Singh Oberoi with his beard and turban intact. Harris asked him to shave his beard and to choose between faith and livelihood. Despite being of Indian descent, she is anti-Sikh,’ he said, adding that Sikhs cannot support Biden or Harris because they are ‘not Sikh values.’
‘I want to answer all my Sikh brothers and sisters who are asking me about how I support Trump as a Sikh. I would like to ask them how Sikhs support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who support and encourage weeds and drug culture, who support abortion, even late-term abortion, abortion at birth, who support same-sex marriages. What are the Sikh values? ‘He asked for it.
‘Wherever I go from Pennsylvania to Ohio, even in remote parts of the world, people welcome us. Trump’s fans have given me so much love and affection as never before. I’m portraying Sikh and India with my turban, he said. Singh, who launched ‘Sikhs for Trump’ in 2016, believed that Trump had broad community support.
‘Sikh truckers in the United States are now endorsing President Trump. President Trump has personally recognized and thanked the Sikh / Indian American community for their support, he said, saying that more than 50 percent of the community members are supporting Trump this year. Trump’s policies and vision for America have resonated with Indian and Sikh values, he said.
Kanwaljit Singh Rekhi, a Sikh leader, said that all minority groups in the US have benefited from Trump’s economic recovery plan. Small minority businesses, mainly run by South Asians, survived the pandemic as a result of President Trump’s ambitious economic recovery plan, “he said.
According to Baljinder Singh, another Sikh leader, Trump signed the Religious Freedom Act, which opened the doors for Sikh members to serve in the US military and other law enforcement agencies, keeping their turbans and beards intact. Jasdeep Singh said that Sikhs valued both the Trump administration and the Trump Campaign.

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