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Thakur Rasoi feeds 150 to 160 needy, hungry people everyday: Jalandhar

To ensure that nobody sleeps hungry, Thakur Rasoi (kitchen) provides food to the needy in Kartarpur for only Rs10 per plate.

Thakur Rasoi was established by Pardeep Sharma (64), under Harinam Sankirtan Mandal, and it’s been over a year since the rasoi stove was operating. Thakur Rasoi feeds up to 150 to 160 people a day, and those who can not afford Rs10 are offered free food.

Neeraj Suri, president of the Harinam Sankirtan Mandan, said: “When we first started the rasoi, we managed to feed only 30-50 destitute in the initial weeks. However, gradually more and more people started coming to kill their hunger.”

“After cooking the meal, we serve it to the underprivileged people at Vishwakarma Bhavan in Kartarpur. In the past 14 months, Thakur Rasoi has gained enough popularity that people visit willingly. In the beginning, we either used to go to the locations, where destitute used to live or ask them to come to Vishwakarma Bhawan. The food is served every day from 6 pm to 7:45 pm.”

“Before the Covid outbreak, food was distributed for two hours between 7 and 9 pm every day. To make sure that all Covid norms are followed, we are distributing packed food at present. People who come to take food are sanitized and social distancing is followed properly. Likewise, special care is also taken in the kitchen as well. When initiated the Thakur Rasoi, we also hired three cooks, who would work to cook a healthy meal,” Suri said.

Although, in the early months, all founding members share the cost of food — from buying to cooking. Now, more people have joined in this noble work, and more than 100 people are making their contribution to keeping Thakur Rasoi going.



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