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Home-made manure mystery behind his lush green asset: Amritsar environmentalist

If charity starts at home, it should start early. When we teach others to inculcate eco-friendly lifestyles, why not practice the same way early in life? This is what Gunbir Singh, a lover of the earth, has been promoting — the cultivation of organic produce, including vegetables and crops.

His Dilbir Foundation has always been at the forefront of persuading farmers to go natural and grow pesticide and chemical-free food crops for sustaining healthy living.

He is now proposing that every resident of the Holy City compost their green waste. He’s been doing the same thing at home for quite a while now. “Home produced manure is the only secret of my lush green wealth in my balconies and varandah,” he said. “We ensure that our household garbage is recycled into manure, which in turn nourishes our plants and terrace garden. The greens are rain-fed, supplemented only by need-based watering sans wastage,” he mentioned.

“I believe if each household recycles green garbage at their homes, our disposal system will get 70 per cent relief. The hard waste of plastic metal and glass is easily picked up and recycled without wastage,” he said, adding that every city park also had the potential of collecting their green waste in vermicomposting pits, thereby rendering themselves self-sufficient and clean. All it takes is being a responsible citizen and mindset where we care for our environment and take pride in our city, he said.

Gunbir, who has also been Chairman of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) India, Punjab Chapter, said he has been an ardent nature lover since childhood. He also set up a kitchen garden on his rooftop. He’s preparing for next year vegetables from now on itself. 

The Dilbir Foundation, run by him, has been working with farmers for decades, inculcating natural farm techniques and sensitivities. The #NoMorePoisonInMyFood campaign introduced by the Foundation has taken customers and farmers to our Organic Farmers Market and Earth Store platforms. It also organizes the Sunday market, where fresh organic vegetables are sold directly to consumers by farmers.
He said it was indeed a satisfying effort, as the need for a healthy, strong immune system and a sustainable lifestyle was a challenge in these COVID times.
World Wildlife Fund, Amritsar

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