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California police circumambulate around Gurdwara to thank Sikh community

Police cruisers in California circumambulated around the Riverside Sikh Gurdwara in Jurupa Valley to thank the Sikh community and honour their good deed during the coronavirus crisis.

The Sikh community is known worldwide for its generous, helpful and determined nature. And it has be at forefront to help people during calamities, be it a bushfire, Tsunami, earthquake, a pandemic. So Sikh people have made sure that their services come in use for the needy during the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the viral videos are proof that no matter what, humanity is still alive and it is giving us the strength to go through the tough times. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, they are leaving no stone unturned in terms of helping the people in need. They are distributing free food and masks to not just the frontline workers but also to the general public.

Showing gratitude for their noble deed of delivering food and masks to frontline workers and the public in general, the police officers drove around the Gurudwara with blaring sirens. In their own way, they thanked the Sikh community for helping the needy amid the pandemic. Videos of the thank you parade from California are going viral on social media. Twitter is flooded with gratitude and happiness. Take a look at the videos:

Recently, another such video capturing the generous gesture of the locals in Haryana’s Ambala who offered garlands to the sanitation workers went viral. To honour their work amid the coronavirus pandemic in the country, the locals applauded sanitation workers by clapping for them and showering flower petals on them.

Last month when the pandemic was in its initial phase the Sikh Community in the US city of Los Angeles distributed thousands of meals a day and masks to healthcare professionals and people in need amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Sikh community in Australia was also working tirelessly to deliver free meals daily and groceries to people struggling with self-isolation and financial hardship amid the coronavirus crisis.

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