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Atlanta Sikh group assist patients with financial aid

Sikh organisation in Atlanta has done a great job by providing financial help to the people in healthcare distress and life-threatening emergencies across the country.

The National Sikh Organisatiion took time on Saturday to deliver meal assistance to frontline workers at Emory Healthcare as their way to say thank you for those who are dedicating their very lives, day and night, to saving lives and fighting to defeat the coronavirus pandemic that threatens everyone. The meals are being delivered as part of the Meals for Frontline Workers initiative. The initiative allows anyone to have free meals delivered to healthcare and first responder workers as a thank you for those on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are the ones who are putting their livelihoods on hold and their very lives on the line day in and day out to care for those suffering from the virus and to keep everyone else safe.

Individuals and organizations across the metro Atlanta region and nationwide are paying the freight for the meals to take care of these workers. The Sikh religion originated in India and includes faith in the name of a single creator — or God — and equality of all humankind. They also engage in selfless acts, strive for justice for all and encourage an honest and loving life.

Because some Sikh men wear turbans, they are stereotyped with other religions, particularly Muslims. However, the two beliefs are not related to each other.There are an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 Sikh in the United States, with the majority living on the east and west coasts, according to religious scholars Gurinder Singh Mann, Paul Numrich and Raymond Williams in their Oxford University Press book, “Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs in America: A Short History.”

To participate through the National Sikh Organization, please visit the special webpage that they have set up for the effort, which serves to benefit several local hospital groups.

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