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US Sikh family makes mask for coronavirus patients

March 25, 2020

A Sikh family in the Indiana state of the US has started making masks in an effort to help the public and first responders in the fight against the deadly disease in the wake of fast-spreading and deadly coronavirus. As per reports, the family was made aware of a shortage of masks in the United States through local media reports.

After learning of the shortages, Gurinder Singh Khalsa called his doctor friends and enquired if they would be aided if he made masks for them at home, which were packaged in sanitary conditions. As per reports, once he got the green signal, he and his wife Gagandeep Kaur and rest of his family started making more than 500 emergency masks that were packed with double layers of thick cotton fabric, so as to keep them sanitary.

As per reports, Gurinder Singh Khalsa learned how to make these masks based on online research and advice from public health practitioners.  The masks made by the family were first given to city officials, first responders, police and first departments. They believe that they are doing a great job in the service of the city in the face of such a deadly disease.

Khalsa reportedly said that his masks are a cheap alternative to the N-95 masks that should be left for medical practitioners. His masks provide a reusable and washable alternative that is good for community use. Khalsa reiterated that the masks were made and packaged in a safe environment and were meant to offer some protection for those who must leave their homes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that is the US’s leading health agency put out an advisory that stated that fabric masks can be used as an effective alternative by healthcare workers when nothing else is available. The family plans on extending their initiative to include those who may be under financial pressure due to the virus.

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