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TikTok user speaks against India’s CAA and NRC, video goes viral


December 26

An Afghan-origin US teen Feroza Aziz has uploaded a skincare video on TikTok app where she spoke up against CAA and NRC.

Feroza, who lives in New Jersey, had earlier posted a makeup video where she had addressed human rights abuses and crackdown on Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, China.

Feroza Aziz on Tuesday, posted a video on Instagram and Twitter captioned Love this new skin care routine I found! #CAB #spreadawareness.

She starts the video talking about the skincare products that she uses. Seamlessly, she goes on to talk about Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 – the recently passed law which has stirred protests in different parts of India.

“It’s wrong and it’s immoral. It’s a violation of human rights. Religion does not make you any less or any more of an India,” says Feroza Aziz in her video.

“To exclude such a vast number of people based solely on their religion is wrong and immoral. It doesn’t matter if you’re Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh. Your religion doesn’t make you any more or less of an Indian. This bill spreads hate and does not care about its own people”, the 17-year-old teen says in the video.


Those worried over certain clauses of India’s CAA are adopting different innovative ways to register their protests. Some students have even protested during their wedding ceremonies while some resorted to agitation at university convocation. On the other hand, in Kerala, some Christians dressed in Muslim outfits, came out with anti-CAA Carols on Christmas.

Feroza Aziz came to lime light about a month ago when Twitter suspended her account after her video slamming the excesses by China against the ethnic Muslims went viral. The social media platform however not only re-activated her account but also tendered an apology.

Feroza Aziz’s latest video is being widely shared on different social media platforms. On Instagram, it has been viewed by more than 55000 people and on Twitter it has been viewed by more than 212,000 people and received more than 12000 likes in one day.


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